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Fighters & Fight Fans, show us your Defiance! Send us a picture of yourself wearing Defiance Fight Gear someplace interesting and we will publish it in our gallery for all to see. Please include your name, date photo was taken, and information about the locale.

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    UFC President, Dana White

Getting closer to the UFC!

Paxson, Alaska

Paxson, Alaska

Friday Night Fights Muay Thai

Friday Night Fights
Muay Thai

Veterans Memorial - Gurnee, IL

In Memory of the Sons &
Daughters of Warren Twp.

Defiance Fight Gear embedded
with the troops in Iraq!

Defiance Fight Gear in the
heart of Little Italy.

Air Superiority

Operation Troop Appreciation

Support the Troops

It's all here...

Remember the Fallen

Molōn labe!

No geographic region
says Defiance quite
like the Middle East.

Just when you thought it
was safe to go back in
the water....

El Monstruo de las Galletas

Automatic weapons &
Defiance Fight Gear.
Perfect together!

Getting in touch with
 their softer sides...

Avast, me proud beauty!

You've certainly made this
Roger Jolly.

Honoring those who stood
defiant in the face of death

Double Trouble

2009 Soldiers' Angels

Recognition Award

Remember the Fallen!

Video Tribute


Supporting more than
just the troops.

On top of old Doublehead.

Miss Marlena J. the Patriotic Pin-up

Aloha kakou!

Dude, next time just buy
a shirt!

This year, the best
dressed militias are
wearing Defiance Fight

There are a lot of
characters in NYC...


Defiance Fight Gear going
on a Rampage!

The Enforcer

Defiance Fight Gear's Eagle Wings Tee

Touched by an angel.

Defiance Fight Gear in Defiance Ohio

They love us so much
in Ohio...
They named a city
after us!

MMA Clothing - I Make Boys Cry

Showing her Defiance
at the Palm Bar.

Defiance Fight Gear - Statue of Liberty

Give me your tired,
your  poor...
your defiant?

Defiance Fight Gear - I Make Boys Cry

Truth in advertising.

Bobby 'The Celtic Warrior' Gunn

“The Celtic Warrior”

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